"Walk Barefoot in Your Shoes"

I think we can all agree that our feet feel most comfortable when we are walking barefoot; either in our house, on a nice grassy lawn or at the beach. Likewise, our feet tend to be the most miserable when we are wearing our stiff, rigid, and sleek casual dress shoes.

At ANTHONY ALAN Footwear we incorporate key design features in all our shoes so that when you wear them you almost feel like you are still barefoot. When a person tries our shoes on, they immediately noticed the unique feel and often calls them one of the most comfortable shoes they've ever worn.

So, what are the key features found in all ANTHONY ALAN Footwear?

Zero Drop

If you look closely at most of the shoes you wear, you will see that the heel area of the shoe is thicker than the ball and toe areas of the shoe. As you know,when you walk barefoot, your heel, ball and toes are at the same height when they are all on the ground. If you look at ANTHONY ALAN Footwear, you will see that the bottom of the shoe is the same thickness under the heel and ball of the foot. In the footwear business this is called having a Zero Drop.


Wide Toe Box

Another feature you will find in most other casual dress shoes is that the front of the shoe has a slender, somewhat pointy shape. This is primarily done so the shoe looks nice. However, if you look at your bare foot, you will see that it tends to have a more rounded and blunt shape. Shoes that are narrow in the ball and toe area can lead to discomfort and even contribute to injuries like bunions and neuromas. If you look at ANTHONY ALAN Footwear you will see the ball and toe area have a wider, rounder shape to allow the foot and toes to spread to a more natural, healthy position.


Light Weight

Finally, most men's size 9 casual dress shoe weigh 18-20 ounces or more. This is usually because of the heavy soling material and highly reinforced uppers. ANTHONY ALAN Footwear are built with lighter weight soling material (borrowed from the athletic shoe industry) and simpler, more flexible uppers. As a result a men's size 9 ANTHONY ALAN shoe typically weigh about 10 - 12 ounces. ounces.

Warning: When you first start wearing ANTHONY ALAN Footwear your feet, legs and even posture will probably feel different as a result of our unique design. We recommend you gradually transition to these shoes so the muscle, tendons and bones of your feet can adjust.