About ANTHONY ALAN Footwear

ANTHONY ALAN Footwear was started by two footwear industry veterans in early 2014. After years of working at major athletic shoe brands and as consultants with many other shoe companies, they thought they would use their years of product creation experience to start their own brand.

The athletic shoe market had just seen the rise of a somewhat controversial new category of running shoes called minimalist shoes. These shoes were designed to be almost the complete opposite of traditional running shoes. Traditional performance running shoe are filled with features and technologies meant to protect the foot. In contrast, minimalist shoes are very simple, with few features/technologies and are aimed at promoting natural barefoot-like running. Although, the growth of these innovative new running shoes has leveled , many of the key features first introduced in these shoes have now found their way into almost all new running shoes.

So, our idea was simple. Why not apply some of these same new, unique features found in minimalist running shoes to casual dress shoes, so that runners and non-runners alike could wear shoes everyday , all day that allowed you to feel less like you were wearing shoes and more like you were still barefoot. Thus , ANTHONY ALAN Footwear was born.

We are starting the company with two styles of men's casual dress shoes; a slip-on loafer and a lace-up cap-toe oxford. As we start selling these shoes and increasing revenue, our plan is to expand the line with the introduction of women's shoes and additional styles of men's shoes.

Our goal is to produce stylish, comfortable, affordable, high-quality casual dress shoes that allow you to:

"Walk Barefoot in Your Shoes"